In celotehan diva


have been a month i'm being "unemployement", what i mean is i just stay in home. my daily activities just studying, watching, eating, sleeping, praying. told be true i'm bored. just give me certainty with my national exam result and snmptn result. at least if i dont get university with snmptn, i'll studying more harder (maybe) haha.  

oya, yesterday is my besties birthday but i haven't give her a present. i'm sorry, i'll giving you soon. her name is Diny Shelina, i already describe her in my previous post. 


me (right) with diny(left)
i'm so glad to meet you and having you as my best friend. i hope our relationship until both of us getting married and have a daughter or son and until we dieee.(lebay)
happy birthday to you, hopefully your national exam's score good, accepted in your favourite university, longlast with your boyf always healthy, getting smart and prettier, and wishing you nothing but the best.

i know my english is mess, i just wanna practice writing in english. but i do not know where and what i must write. and simply i practice in my blog.

i'm sorry.