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Diva's life in 2019

A story telling about unimportant person life recap in 2019.

Before it get started let me ask you a question, What is the hardest year you ever been thru ?
Ok, congratulations for thinking the answer of my question, I mean congrats for thinking back to the past few years you have been thru.

Anyway, let's get back into the topic.
Because it's all about me, myself, and I not you.

Oh a bit disclaimer, you can exit if you feel don’t want to read all this rubbish things, but I'm doing this for yearly diary of mine, it's part of self-love I really cared about so I didn’t ask you to read, but if you want to read please enjoy and happy reading. :)

Ops, forgot another disclaimer, I do write this in english just because for improving my writing skill, altho it would be very messy (I'm not particullary expert in grammar and so on), so forgive myself and hope you would understand what I'm writing about.

Ok now, how should I start with
Hmm ……


If I could say, 2019 is the hardest year for me in 23 years I've been thru, a busy life of mine, both working life and studying life.
Everybody have a goal in their life isn't it ? So do I. but this year is very hard for me to keep on the track to my life goals and yes it was very hard.

January - February, been stuck with working life because of audit things and it's never end. Studying life also get harder, actually it's not harder, it's always been hard. Last term, thesis life, every week has assignment to submit, ya it's really every week. Weekday working, weekend for studying. It's very hard but couldn’t complain too, I mean like if I complain, I'll complain to who ? I'm the one who make a decision to do both working and studying, so if you ask me to choose which is important to me, I can't pick one because both is important, it's important enough until I decide to do both.

March - June, same routine everyday, everyweek. I had my final exam in May / June, yes last semester, means I'm done with every week assignment, done with university life but not the entirely done. I need to extend my semester because my thesis haven't finished yet, it's very stressed, honestly I can't keep doing study, assignment, doing thesis and working In the event for 12 hours at the same times. I realized I'm not capable of doing that. Disappointed. I'm disappointed with myself even until now, I don't know doing thesis is very hard while working, if compare with doing assignment it's clearly different for me, got so many reason like don't have mood, don't have idea, sometimes got Idea & mood and manage to wrote 2-3 paragraph but too tired after working, if I have day off I only want to sleep and meet my friends. I know those only a reason, shame on me. It's really fucked up. At the same time, I keep telling myself, it's ok to be late, it's really ok, no one will blame me. No one. I believe it's worth to wait. I believe I can do this. I can do this. 
Ok now moving on, before this in march I got so big responsibilities for working life. I work for Big Bad Wolf Indonesia, it's books exhibition, many people don't know, but some people know. So if you read this and you keep wondering what is that, I suggest you to google it, life is easier with google fellas:) anyway, in march we had the biggest event of BBW Indonesia, in ICE BSD. Ya it's very big and huge and first time I'm being Project Accountant after my training for the past few months. It was hard at the first time, but it's fun and worth it.

July - November, start in july my company had 6 event in indonesia each around 2 weeks, yes every month has event, and I need to be there as a project accountant. So start july until second week of december I have a routine, event-office-event and keep repeat until last event, funny things I sleep in hotel more than in my home. I met so many amazing people, fun people, weirdo as well, so working always be very fun because I'm surrounded by amazing and fun people. As in November, I got a gift, my friends and I apply for south korea visa and it's approved! We are so excited, we apply by ourself without agency. Yes we are planning to go south korea in january 2020, and we had been planning all of this since april. Yes saving money was very hard, we need to make sure we have enough money to apply visa, that’s why we scared but luckily we manage and get approved. Definitely gonna be my best gift for year 2019.

December. Yes december always being my fav month, beside I have my birthday in december, I like the vibes in december, I feels like everyone happy, either because holiday, christmas, or new year. Beside that december always keep remind me to take a look what I'm doing for the entire year and what I should do for the next year. And yes the resolutions of course it keep changes every year, because life is never same isn't it ?

i have 2 question for you,
1. How is your 2019 ? what you do in 2019?
2. what is your resolution for 2020 ?

I think that’s all. Thanks for reading this, I hope 2020 will be a wonderfull year for everyone, keep shining.

-diva :)

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as an introvert

actually i've been wanting to write post about introvert for a long time, but kinda hard to come up with a good phrase(?), yeah something like that. 2 days or 3 days ago i watched paul's youtube (link here) about an introvert and i know what i have to write about introvert. 
here it is, happy reading.

how i live as an introvert. 
disclaimer : its about my life, not you, not someone else so you may be agree with me or not but this how i am as an introvert.

how i know im an introvert?
at first i didnt know that im an introvert, bcs what? bcs i like talking with other people i mean im a very talkative person since kid, i like with just a little chit chat with other, i dont scared talking in front of many people, i got some confidence in myself if it about presentation and so on. 
but when i started hit my puberty everthing was different even i dont know myself again, maybe my friends and the others dont really know because i choose not showing to them, yap like i have 2 personality right ? but that was true and that was me. my family knew very much how i started to change, i've argue a looooot with my parents, with my siblings, even with my family's helper. that was so bad :(( i was so insecure even with myself, there is like a "giant wall" in front of me, and its really hard for me to open up myself with other (that was i feel before), you can say i'm really picky when i choose my close friends sorry but its true. i mean i make a friends with everyone, im not picky  about it, i dont care about their status, religion, ethnic, personality, etc, im trying to make a lot of friends as i can, but for closefriends im veeeeerrrry picky about it. 

in high school, im trying to understand myself, what i liked, what i didn't like. i like reading since i was a kid, reading can be so much fun for me. i dont really like in a crowd, it make me dizzy and exhausted. i dont like being "too" noticeable in class. i like googling about personality and so on, then  i started to think im an introvert.

as introvert.
i look up the definition introvert in google. 
Introvert is basic personality types according to the theories of the 20th-century Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. According to these theories, an introvert is a person whose interest is generally directed inward toward his own feelings and thoughts.  The typical introvert is shy, contemplative, and reserved and tends to have difficulty adjusting to social situations. Excessive daydreaming and introspection, careful balancing of considerations before reaching decisions, and withdrawal under stress are also typical of the introverted personality. ref
and you can google it if you want to know about an introvert. after im tryin to understand about myself more, i dont really think an introvert was a bad personality. me as introvert really need "me time" alone for myself, it just to relieve my stress like to recharge myself. ya im thinking a lot, too much. but im not shy person, i still like talking with other, talking about small thing especially deep talk about life, about opinion, about anything. i dont think all introvert "nerd" we can i can socialize with other people too, not always all alone by myself, i mean who in the world can lived without other people? tarzan? but im not tarzan. just give me "metime" for myself and i'll be fine with all the pressure and chaos in this world. im 100% agree with gitasav when she said introvert or extrovert it just about natural preference in life. its depend how ourself, we cannot force someone to be an introvert or an extrovert, because it natural preference? dont you think so?
and also have 2 personality not bad, we cannot treat everyone else with the same right? we have to trying to fit ourself in everywhere, its not a bad thing. 

here i say for you who read this unnecessary post, if you already know who are you i mean your really personality, dont force yrself to be someone else but just be yourself, try hard to be a good person but still be you. and if you still dont know who are you, what yr personality, try analize yourself better, pay  more attention to yourself, because if you know what you are, you will know what would be the best for you and it really make you to be a mature person.

it is ok if grammatical error, right?
see you :)

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#GojekinAja - Shigeru

sebagai tipekal orang mageran dan pemalas kaya gue, gofood jadi penyelamat gue. kalo review makanan di resto/cafe nya langsung kan udah biasa, gue mau coba bikin review khusus makanan gofood. soalnya setiap gue mau beli makanan yang belom pernah gue cobain sama sekali, pasti gue cari review nya dulu (biasanya si di zomato) nah cuma kadang kalo kita makan ditempat langsung atauga lewat gofood itu could be taste slightly different or maybe very different. so guys, i want to tell you about food and beverage that i bought via gofood. thats why the title #GojekinAja.

ok, the first thing, this is my pure opinion, so it could be different from you or the other. 

i have been a fan of shigeru for a long. awalnya yang pertama kali gue tau itu aeon sushi tapi kan jauh, terus ternyata di MOI ada sushi semacam aeon namanya shigeru. 
shigeru ini letak nya ada di Pasar Moi, lantai LG kalo gasalah. Pasar Moi itu sendiri semacam foodcourt gitu tapi sayangnya tempat duduk di sekitarnya cuma dikit. anyway alasan gue suka shigeru itu pertama murah! bener asli murah bgt apalagi kalo lo bandinginnya sama sushi tei / genki sushi/ sushi hiro. dan yang kedua rasanya not bad, untuk harga sushi segitu menurut gue ini udah enak banget dan worth it bgt, kecuali buat seasoning, sumpit, dll nya karena lo harus beli dulu. 

kali ini gue gofood paket salmon platter, ebiko orange sushi & wakame sushi.

wakame sushi (Rp 3.000/pcs)

wakame sushi ini bisa buat appetizer sebelum makan sushi yang lain, menurut gue pas aja gitu. nah buat kalian yang ga tau wakame itu apa, wakame itu sejenis rumput laut yang hidup di perairan jepang. agak susah buat deskripsiin rasanya sih, tapi texture nya itu cukup crunchy tapi ga keras gitu jadi tetep lembek tapi pas dimakan ada sensasi "kres-kres" gitu. nah wakame juga punya bau yang khas, kalo kata gue sih kaya bau laut but bukan bau yg amis gt. anyway wakame sushi di shigeru ini enakk kokk, cuma emang sih buat ukuran appetizer nasi sushi nya lumayan banyak + padet. 

ebiko orange sushi (Rp 3.000/pcs)

this one is my fav menu in shigeru. awalnya gue ga suka sama yang berbau telur di hidangan jepang, walaupun gue suka sashimi (salmon my fav of course) tapi gue gasuka sama yg ada telur nya. soalnya pertama kali gue cobain itu telur ikan apa gt, gue lupa, pokoknya agak besar kaya jelly gt trs pas digigit langsung keluar semacam cairan gt and i dont like:( gasuka rasanya dan kaya amis aja gitu. 
nah pas di shigeru gue iseng ngambil sushi satuan yg ebiko ini, and i feel in love with the texture and the taste. seriously its so goooddddd!!!! rasanya asin-asin gitu dan pas digigit ga ada cairan yang keluar-keluar gitu jadi suka dehh. kalo gue searching sih ebiko ini shrimp roe atau telur udang. eh berkat ebiko ini gue juga jadi bisa mentolerir telur-telur yang ada di japanese food kaya tobiko, tapi kalo yg telur gede itu tetep belom bisa nerima sih lidahnya.

sushi salmon platter (Rp. 60.000/pack)

nah dishigeru juga banyak paket-paket sushi gitu, pas bgt ini gue pesennya yang sushi salmon platter. a little bit pricey emang kalo dibandingin sushi satuan, tapi ini dapet 13 sushi dengan 5 jenis sushi yang berbeda guys, jadi amat sangat worth it dan yang terpenting ngenyangin abis (gue emg kalo beli sushi suka kalap gitu) jadi kalo kalian beli ini paket aja udh kenyang bgt sih. nah di platter ini ada 5 jenis sushi salmon yang berbeda.
1. salmon maki (4pcs)
gue gatau namanya apa, jadi gue kasih nama sesuka gue aja ya. sushi ini tuh kaya nasi dalemnya potongan salmon mentah dibalut sama nori. sushi maki model gini tuh menurut gue cocok banget buat jadi appetizer, jadi kaya buat nyesuain lidah kita sama salmon yang mentah dulu, terus buat yang ga suka salmon mentah ini bisa dicoba sih soalnya rasa salmon nya masih dikit bgt kalo kata gue sih kurang berasa but its a good start before you eat the other sushi. di platter ini salmon maki ada 4 pcs, yang ukurannya mungil-mungil banget dijamin belom kenyang sih.

2. salmon roll with ebiko  (3 pcs)
kalo yang ini itu kebalikannya salmon maki, jadi nasinya diluar dalemnya ada salmon mentah sama timun dibalut nori lapisan paling luarnya dikasih ebiko. nah sushi ini lumayan besar porsi nya muat satu mulut cuma berantakan gitu, you know what i mean lah ya. jadi 3 sushi ini bikin kenyang sih.

3. salmon nigiri (2 pcs)
basic sushi, ini ada yang satuannya juga seinget gue yang satuan harganya Rp.6.000 atau Rp.7.000 per pcs. di platter ini kita dapet 2. menurut gue sih ya, shigeru ini cukup royal ngasih potongan salmonnya, gede sis potongannya asli berasa banget makan salmonnya, dan enak!! menurut gue sih walaupun murah tapi sashimi nya itu ga amis bener deh, berasa fresh, ga bau juga, terus slice nya cukup besar. salmon nigiri ini juga salah satu sushi fav gue di shigeru, kusuka salmon sashimi soalnya tapi kalo makan sashiminya doang butuh banyak biar kenyang jadi ini salah satu opsi gue. salmon nigiri dicelup shoyou + wasabi, udah paling perfect dah asli.

4. aburi salmon (2 pcs)
buat yang ga suka mentah-mentah tenang, ada aburi salmon di shigeru yang isisnya 6 pcs gue lupa harganya berapa kayanya sekitar Rp. 38.000 - Rp. 45.000an. tapi kalo di salmon platter ini cuma dapet 2 pcs salmon aburi. salmon aburi ini semacam nigiri atasnya potongan salmon yang udah dibakar/dimasak (yang pake semprotan api itu loh, gue gatau namanya apa) jadi salmon nya udah setengah mateng dan atasnya dikasih saus mentai. saus mentai nya si ya so-so lah. menurut gue sushi yang udah setengah mateng sampe ke mateng itu lebih ngenyangin sih dibanding yang masih mentah. kalo menurut kalian gimana?

5. salmon salad gunkan (2pcs)
seinget gue jenis ini dijual satuan juga, but i am not a fan of this sushi jadi ga pernah beli yang satuannya. ini tuh gunkan biasa yang dalemnya nasi atasnya kaya salad salmon gitu. salmonnya udah mateng jadi kaya disuwir-suwirgitu terus dicampur sama apaan ya? gue juga kurang paham karena ini bikin reviewnya udah lama dari gue makan ini jadi udah ga inget juga rasanya kaya gimana.

Rasa : 7/10, tapi buat ebiko nya 9/10
Harga: 9/10, murah banget sih ibu-ibu bapak-bapak
gofood: cus silahkan gojekin aja, tidak mengurangi rasa karena memang dasarnya sushi nya dingin gt, walaupun ga dingin banget.

oiya di shigeru ini bukan cuma ada sushi doang. dia juga banyak goreng-gorengannya kaya tempura, katsu, terus ada takoyaki, yakitori juga ada rice set nya juga kok. jadi kalo kalian yang ga suka sushi masih bisa cobain makanan lainnya. di shigeru sistemnya kaya self service gitu, jadi kita muter dari tempat tempura sampai paling ujung ke tempat desert dan minumannya, lalu bayar deh dikasir. buat review lebih jelasnya kalian bisa baca-baca di sini ya.

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2017 itu tahunnya nano-nano buat gue.
sebenernya udah kepengen nulis ini dari awal januari kemarin sih, tapi gasempet jadi yaudah deh.
anyway kalo buat kalian semua, 2017 itu kaya gimana? 
kalo buat gue itu bener-bener kaya nano-nano, dimana kesedihan, kegembiraan, kepanikan, kepuasan, ketakutan semua jadi satu (apasih div).

ada apa di tahun 2017?

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[REVIEW] The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint

Hai Readers!
mulai sekarang gue mau coba usahain rajin ngeblog hehe, gatau nih tiba-tiba jadi pengen rajin aja.
udah lama banget gue ga ngeblog, terakhie pertengahan tahun lalu kayanya deh. ada banyak banget draft postingan yang belom gue selesain.
btw this time i want to review about liptint!
ya agak melenceng sih emang soalnya gue gapernah posting tentang review beauty gitu, yaudahlah ya gapapa? biar agak bermanfaat blog gue ga cuma isinya curhat doang lol.

okay, back to the liptint.
The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint in shade 02 (Juicy Red)
yea i know the name is so long, lets just say The Face Shop Aqua Tint.
I bought this liptint maybe 2 years ago, and i bought it from online shop so it was cheaper than in the store *maklum mahasiswa*

now lets talk about the packaging first, as you can see punya gue udah buluk banget and its almost  gone hehehe because its my fav liptint. the body of packaging itself like kind of bulky i think. it has chubby and short body, but still travel friendly to put in your bag.

buluk sekali-_-

udah mau abis.
i think the aplicator almost same with the other liptint. its easy to apply it, and it doesn't make the liptint messy. and it has exact lenght so when applying feel so comfortable(?). and also the lid was very fit with the aplicator so the product doesn't come out too much and it is make clean rather than the tony moly liptint.

i got the face shop aqua tint in shade 02 juicy red. for the color it dont show red. it's more like kind of pink to magenta. but when you apply in your lips, the color turn out nicely. it's like your lips have a better color and pinkish. i use this liptint as my daily because the color not to strong and when i applied a little of it, my lips looks didn't pale anymore and it just like my lips but better.

when the first application
after dry
because it's aqua tint, the texture is so watery, and when i applied in my lips it didn't feel heavy at all. it like nothing applied in my lips. altho the texture very watery but it didn't make my lips dry. fyi, i have a very dry lips, but this liptint didn't make my lips dry at all, so i like this product so much.
the product has a nice scent, it is like a strawberry or cherry.
but it dont longlasting, it just disapear quickly. even when i didn't drink at all, it just stay for about 1 or 2 hours i think. but you can just applying again because the product don't leaving the stain so gamasalah kalo ditimpa lagi, tetep bagus kok!

the verdict,
packaging : 7/10
color : 10/10
moisturing : 5/10 it didn't make my lips dry but it didn't moisturing too. so you have to make sure that your lips moisture well before you applied.
lasting ability : 3/10
price : 9/10

Repurchased? YES! ABSOULTY
walaupun ga longlast tapi cocok banget buat sehari-hari kalo cuma dirumah dan pas emang lagi males pake lip product yang teralu berwarna.

see you!

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