Diva's life in 2019

A story telling about unimportant person life recap in 2019.

Before it get started let me ask you a question, What is the hardest year you ever been thru ?
Ok, congratulations for thinking the answer of my question, I mean congrats for thinking back to the past few years you have been thru.

Anyway, let's get back into the topic.
Because it's all about me, myself, and I not you.

Oh a bit disclaimer, you can exit if you feel don’t want to read all this rubbish things, but I'm doing this for yearly diary of mine, it's part of self-love I really cared about so I didn’t ask you to read, but if you want to read please enjoy and happy reading. :)

Ops, forgot another disclaimer, I do write this in english just because for improving my writing skill, altho it would be very messy (I'm not particullary expert in grammar and so on), so forgive myself and hope you would understand what I'm writing about.

Ok now, how should I start with
Hmm ……


If I could say, 2019 is the hardest year for me in 23 years I've been thru, a busy life of mine, both working life and studying life.
Everybody have a goal in their life isn't it ? So do I. but this year is very hard for me to keep on the track to my life goals and yes it was very hard.

January - February, been stuck with working life because of audit things and it's never end. Studying life also get harder, actually it's not harder, it's always been hard. Last term, thesis life, every week has assignment to submit, ya it's really every week. Weekday working, weekend for studying. It's very hard but couldn’t complain too, I mean like if I complain, I'll complain to who ? I'm the one who make a decision to do both working and studying, so if you ask me to choose which is important to me, I can't pick one because both is important, it's important enough until I decide to do both.

March - June, same routine everyday, everyweek. I had my final exam in May / June, yes last semester, means I'm done with every week assignment, done with university life but not the entirely done. I need to extend my semester because my thesis haven't finished yet, it's very stressed, honestly I can't keep doing study, assignment, doing thesis and working In the event for 12 hours at the same times. I realized I'm not capable of doing that. Disappointed. I'm disappointed with myself even until now, I don't know doing thesis is very hard while working, if compare with doing assignment it's clearly different for me, got so many reason like don't have mood, don't have idea, sometimes got Idea & mood and manage to wrote 2-3 paragraph but too tired after working, if I have day off I only want to sleep and meet my friends. I know those only a reason, shame on me. It's really fucked up. At the same time, I keep telling myself, it's ok to be late, it's really ok, no one will blame me. No one. I believe it's worth to wait. I believe I can do this. I can do this. 
Ok now moving on, before this in march I got so big responsibilities for working life. I work for Big Bad Wolf Indonesia, it's books exhibition, many people don't know, but some people know. So if you read this and you keep wondering what is that, I suggest you to google it, life is easier with google fellas:) anyway, in march we had the biggest event of BBW Indonesia, in ICE BSD. Ya it's very big and huge and first time I'm being Project Accountant after my training for the past few months. It was hard at the first time, but it's fun and worth it.

July - November, start in july my company had 6 event in indonesia each around 2 weeks, yes every month has event, and I need to be there as a project accountant. So start july until second week of december I have a routine, event-office-event and keep repeat until last event, funny things I sleep in hotel more than in my home. I met so many amazing people, fun people, weirdo as well, so working always be very fun because I'm surrounded by amazing and fun people. As in November, I got a gift, my friends and I apply for south korea visa and it's approved! We are so excited, we apply by ourself without agency. Yes we are planning to go south korea in january 2020, and we had been planning all of this since april. Yes saving money was very hard, we need to make sure we have enough money to apply visa, that’s why we scared but luckily we manage and get approved. Definitely gonna be my best gift for year 2019.

December. Yes december always being my fav month, beside I have my birthday in december, I like the vibes in december, I feels like everyone happy, either because holiday, christmas, or new year. Beside that december always keep remind me to take a look what I'm doing for the entire year and what I should do for the next year. And yes the resolutions of course it keep changes every year, because life is never same isn't it ?

i have 2 question for you,
1. How is your 2019 ? what you do in 2019?
2. what is your resolution for 2020 ?

I think that’s all. Thanks for reading this, I hope 2020 will be a wonderfull year for everyone, keep shining.

-diva :)


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