[REVIEW] The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint

Hai Readers!
mulai sekarang gue mau coba usahain rajin ngeblog hehe, gatau nih tiba-tiba jadi pengen rajin aja.
udah lama banget gue ga ngeblog, terakhie pertengahan tahun lalu kayanya deh. ada banyak banget draft postingan yang belom gue selesain.
btw this time i want to review about liptint!
ya agak melenceng sih emang soalnya gue gapernah posting tentang review beauty gitu, yaudahlah ya gapapa? biar agak bermanfaat blog gue ga cuma isinya curhat doang lol.

okay, back to the liptint.
The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint in shade 02 (Juicy Red)
yea i know the name is so long, lets just say The Face Shop Aqua Tint.
I bought this liptint maybe 2 years ago, and i bought it from online shop so it was cheaper than in the store *maklum mahasiswa*

now lets talk about the packaging first, as you can see punya gue udah buluk banget and its almost  gone hehehe because its my fav liptint. the body of packaging itself like kind of bulky i think. it has chubby and short body, but still travel friendly to put in your bag.

buluk sekali-_-

udah mau abis.
i think the aplicator almost same with the other liptint. its easy to apply it, and it doesn't make the liptint messy. and it has exact lenght so when applying feel so comfortable(?). and also the lid was very fit with the aplicator so the product doesn't come out too much and it is make clean rather than the tony moly liptint.

i got the face shop aqua tint in shade 02 juicy red. for the color it dont show red. it's more like kind of pink to magenta. but when you apply in your lips, the color turn out nicely. it's like your lips have a better color and pinkish. i use this liptint as my daily because the color not to strong and when i applied a little of it, my lips looks didn't pale anymore and it just like my lips but better.

when the first application
after dry
because it's aqua tint, the texture is so watery, and when i applied in my lips it didn't feel heavy at all. it like nothing applied in my lips. altho the texture very watery but it didn't make my lips dry. fyi, i have a very dry lips, but this liptint didn't make my lips dry at all, so i like this product so much.
the product has a nice scent, it is like a strawberry or cherry.
but it dont longlasting, it just disapear quickly. even when i didn't drink at all, it just stay for about 1 or 2 hours i think. but you can just applying again because the product don't leaving the stain so gamasalah kalo ditimpa lagi, tetep bagus kok!

the verdict,
packaging : 7/10
color : 10/10
moisturing : 5/10 it didn't make my lips dry but it didn't moisturing too. so you have to make sure that your lips moisture well before you applied.
lasting ability : 3/10
price : 9/10

Repurchased? YES! ABSOULTY
walaupun ga longlast tapi cocok banget buat sehari-hari kalo cuma dirumah dan pas emang lagi males pake lip product yang teralu berwarna.

see you!

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