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as an introvert

actually i've been wanting to write post about introvert for a long time, but kinda hard to come up with a good phrase(?), yeah something like that. 2 days or 3 days ago i watched paul's youtube (link here) about an introvert and i know what i have to write about introvert. 
here it is, happy reading.

how i live as an introvert. 
disclaimer : its about my life, not you, not someone else so you may be agree with me or not but this how i am as an introvert.

how i know im an introvert?
at first i didnt know that im an introvert, bcs what? bcs i like talking with other people i mean im a very talkative person since kid, i like with just a little chit chat with other, i dont scared talking in front of many people, i got some confidence in myself if it about presentation and so on. 
but when i started hit my puberty everthing was different even i dont know myself again, maybe my friends and the others dont really know because i choose not showing to them, yap like i have 2 personality right ? but that was true and that was me. my family knew very much how i started to change, i've argue a looooot with my parents, with my siblings, even with my family's helper. that was so bad :(( i was so insecure even with myself, there is like a "giant wall" in front of me, and its really hard for me to open up myself with other (that was i feel before), you can say i'm really picky when i choose my close friends sorry but its true. i mean i make a friends with everyone, im not picky  about it, i dont care about their status, religion, ethnic, personality, etc, im trying to make a lot of friends as i can, but for closefriends im veeeeerrrry picky about it. 

in high school, im trying to understand myself, what i liked, what i didn't like. i like reading since i was a kid, reading can be so much fun for me. i dont really like in a crowd, it make me dizzy and exhausted. i dont like being "too" noticeable in class. i like googling about personality and so on, then  i started to think im an introvert.

as introvert.
i look up the definition introvert in google. 
Introvert is basic personality types according to the theories of the 20th-century Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. According to these theories, an introvert is a person whose interest is generally directed inward toward his own feelings and thoughts.  The typical introvert is shy, contemplative, and reserved and tends to have difficulty adjusting to social situations. Excessive daydreaming and introspection, careful balancing of considerations before reaching decisions, and withdrawal under stress are also typical of the introverted personality. ref
and you can google it la if you want to know about an introvert. after im tryin to understand about myself more, i dont really think an introvert was a bad personality. me as introvert really need "me time" alone for myself, it just to relieve my stress like to recharge myself. ya im thinking a lot, too much. but im not shy person, i still like talking with other, talking about small thing especially deep talk about life, about opinion, about anything. i dont think all introvert "nerd" we can i can socialize with other people too, not always all alone by myself, i mean who in the world can lived without other people? tarzan? but im not tarzan. just give me "metime" for myself and i'll be fine with all the pressure and chaos in this world. im 100% agree with gitasav when she said introvert or extrovert it just about natural preference in life. its depend how ourself, we cannot force someone to be an introvert or an extrovert, because it natural preference? dont you think so?
and also have 2 personality not bad, we cannot treat everyone else with the same right? we have to trying to fit ourself in everywhere, its not a bad thing. 

here i say for you who read this unnecessary post, if you already know who are you i mean your really personality, dont force yrself to be someone else but just be yourself, try hard to be a good person but still be you. and if you still dont know who are you, what yr personality, try analize yourself better, pay  more attention to yourself, because if you know what you are, you will know what would be the best for you and it really make you to be a mature person.

it is ok if grammatical error, right?
see you :)

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