Adulting, is this a trap ?

hi everyone, suddenly this topic pop out and makes me wondering is adulting really a trap ?

i don't know where to start, but do you think adulting is a trap ?

being an adult.... 

personally i think whether we want or we don't want become an adult eventually we'll become an adult itself. either by age or mentally. when i was a teenager i really want become an adult, having an impressive education background, a good career with high salary, doing whatever that i want. but turns out being an adult it is very tough job ever. not only because we will meet an obstacle to have a impressive education background, finding a job who get high pay salary, but  i think being adult itself is require to have a mental and emotionally like an adult.

as growing older, i realize the more responsibilities we'll get, not to mention people's expectation from us. becoming an adult is part of our life, sometimes even we can't said that we are an adult but we need to act like an adult by situation. 

let me tell a story of mine. i once have an anger issue to be exact is when i was teenager. until now i'll always thought that back then i was getting possesed with evil. i tried my best to suppress my anger, it's was hard actually, lucikly i found the way to be cool headed now and not to be irritated by every single little things. for me eating and laughing is the best way to relieve stress, not forget to mention shopping too. then i realize now i tend not to care everything that would broke my heart and damage my mood, i often ignoring all the things that makes my mood messed up, i rather to walk away from that kind of situation. but the problem is, if i meet that kind of situation, i'll blaming myself right away, did i do wrong ? why it is gone wrong? where do i start to fix it ? and blaming my whole existance.

i used to  hide and hold my feelings, kinda sad but i hate take anything personally with feelings. i am a very rational person thats why. but IT'S NOT OK, IT'S WRONG. the way i always hide & hold my true feelings become boomerang to me. as grow older i realize it's ok to express our feelings like about anything but just don't get too emotional, if so you can't think clearly with the peace mind. 

so personally i think being an adult isn't a trap, but a process to be a better person. the more important being an adult is where we can see the things clearly but also not ignoring our feelings. a balance when we make a decision is a key being a true adult. let's being a better person :)





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