hello blog, i miss you

wahh udah 2021 aja nih, bahkan sekarang udah di penghujung januari. sebenernya udah jadi sebuah rutinitas buat aku untuk bikin tulisan life recap setiap akhir tahun/awal tahun. tapi kali ini i feel a lot things happen in 2020, for me and my surrounding in every aspect of life. so let just skip the routine for this time. 

with this post as my first post on 2021, i'll trying to write more often than before. karena skripsi aku juga udah kelar di tahun 2020 kemarin jadi aku udah bisa mikir yang lainnya dan berhenti mikirin skripsi yang engga kelar-kelar terus. and yes! finally i made it. sidang skripsi di bulan maret tahun 2020 dan akhirnya selesai revisi skripsi di november 2020, now i'm unofficially become a bachelor of accounting. 

sejujurnya aku kangen banget ngeblog, there was a time a time i spending to write either blog or just a stories (a lot of my draft i didn't posting), i just feel so good when i'm writing. but the truth is, it's not only i miss blogging, i miss when i write without any insecurites thoughts, when i want write about anything and everything what happen in my life without worrying anything. that's the first place i started a blog, because i want to expressing my thoughts and my personal experience to something will last longer and i could read someday. 

lately i've been wondering and to be exact is questioning myself. what i'm searching for, what is the truth about happiness, what i want to become. it is a very hard question which i still not 100% sure about the answer. maybe i'll write if i found the answer. 

what about you ? do you know what are you looking for in your life ? 

ups, forgot to mention, i just finished first season of bridgerton series, and yet funny i cried for the ending, not being a spoiler you can guess will it be tears of happiness or tears of sadness. anyway i love the  series! very easy, light and heart warming. specially the lady whistledown, much thank you!.


warm regards, 



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