love for imperfect things - haemin sunim

hi ! how was your day ? i hope you have an amazing day :) i just finished a book and let me share with you all. i'm trying to express my thought about this book and i hope it would help to anyone who interested with this book, but please believe me, this book it's really worth to read.
it's a self improvement/self help book by haemin sunim. the one that i read is his second book which is love for imperfect things. 
first of all, thank you for haemin sunim, your book really amazing and i enjoyed a lot reading this book.(his biography here)
actually i just want to share a few lines that i think it was really good. for a self help book i think it is important how the author write and telling a reader without being to pushing and forcing. because after all people tend dislike being adviced (too much advice).  
so here a few lines i quotes from this book which really move my heart :
"what you are feeling is not something that should just be ignored, but something very significant. the feelings inside you will not easily disappear just because you decide to suppress or ignore them."
"even when you feel yourself buffeted by constant demand, if you really do not want to do something do not try to push through with it, exhausting yourself to the point that you are no longer able to cope."
"do not despair over what is imperfect in yourself, instead look at your flaws with love." 

"we are worthy of being loved not because of what we do well but because we are precious living beings. even if you do not achieve the perfection the world demand, your existence already has value and is worthy of love."
"without the power of telepathy, how can we know what someone else is expecting?"

"if your current circumstances are stressful, try visualizing this: your circumstances are a hurricane and you are the eye of the storm. do not get swept away by the storm. follow the wisdom, emanating from the storm's peaceful eye."

"it's okay to live the life that you wish for. you are allowed to create your own destiny, free from the expectations of your parents and society. you can live the life you yourself think has meaning."
"don't assume another bus will be coming. sometimes the route will have changed, and you will never get another chance to catch the bus  you missed. if an opportunity is presented to you, don't give in to your fear. muster your courage and get on that bus."
"frustation and failure are a part of life. if we do not flee from them but accept them calmly, we come to know what we need to do next."
"just because you have failed to achieve your goal, it does not mean all your efforts were in vain. failure is meaningful in itself. teaching you many new things. no one can tell the sum of a life until it has come to its end."
"when sadness visits you, don't try to push away. instead, walk right into its center and embrace your sadness."

"nothing last forever, not even your hard times. you will get better."

"thoughts are passing clouds, appearing in response to an array of factors beyond your control. clinging to a particular negative thought can even lead to depression. be careful not to get caught up in your thoughts."
"emotions are like uninvited guest. they come whenever they want to, and leave once you acknowledge their presence. although emotions are born inside of you, don't assume that they belong to you. that is why they rarely listen to you."
"happiness comes when our hearts are peaceful and content, and when we learn to appreciate what we already have."
"instead of postponing your happiness until you've achieve your goal, live a little and enjoy the moment. life is passing you by while you are waiting."
"your efforts, however small, are never in vain. even the most vicious storm runs its course eventually. as long as you hold on and don't give up, you'll be able to see the sun come out again." 

-the end-
at least for me that lines above really calming my heart & anxiety, i do hope anyone who read this post always be happy. 


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